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Let’s face it. Most small businesses just don’t have the time to strategize, implement, and monitor a search engine optimization campaign. SEO best practices are constantly evolving as search engines continue to improve their algorithms.

If your business is looking for a do-it-all SEO partner, Wesfed offers complete SEO solutions to fit your goals and budget.

SEO Services – Introduction and Overview

As one of our longest service offerings, the Wesfed SEO team has driven search engine traffic for clients since 2008.

Wesfed’s SEO philosophy understands that search engine optimization is just as psychological as it is technical. A page needs to rank well, but also needs to present the right content to the user in order to be clicked.

Wesfed specialized in on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and local SEO for small and medium size businesses across the United States.

SEO Service Packages

Below are outlined the various SEO services that Wesfed offers its clients. From consulting, to audits, to full-blown campaigns, Wesfed’s SEO services are structured to match the goals of your company.

SEO Audit & Strategy

As the first step of any SEO campaign should be a complete and current SEO audit and strategy. The SEO Audit is the process of evaluating a website’s current standing in contrast with the current SEO standards. The SEO Strategy exposes the opportunities for the given website and industry. A successful SEO Audit and Strategy gives business owners an in-depth look into the potential of an SEO campaign. Our SEO Audits start at $1,000 and ensure that SEO campaigns are started on the right foot.

SEO Consulting

An SEO Consulting package is the best route for companies that have the resources to make technical changes on their own. Many times, business owners request consulting services to assist their current marketing efforts to ensure they maintain the competitive edge in front of their competitors. Consulting is provided over the phone but is also available via email, video conference, and in-person. Consulting packages start at $1,000 and are billed in hourly increments.

SEO Campaigns

Wesfed provides complete, full-service SEO solutions for SMB companies both locally and nationally. An SEO Campaign begins with an SEO Audit (outlined above) and is priced according to your company’s specific goals, budget, and additional requirements. We bill in 3, 6, and 12-month increments and offer recurring SEO in regards to both on-site and off-site SEO tactics.

Local SEO

Wesfed offers a full suite of professional local search engine optimization services designed at getting your business ranked in a local, competitive market. We help you optimize for the most important local SEO factors, including setting up a Google Business Listings page, ensuring your business is listed correctly on maps, and appearing in Google’s local search section.

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