We do Digital Marketing Differently

We focus on long-term success and partnerships.

SEO is only a piece of the marketing mix, and we understand that.

At WESFED, we understand the importance of having an ethical SEO campaign in place, but we also understand that SEO is just a piece of the overall marketing strategy, not the entire strategy.

We work with our clients to dig to the root of the problem and develop a solution that will not only provide short-term wins but also provide a long-term growth strategy.

  • SEO 30% 30%
  • PPC 10% 10%
  • User Engagement 35% 35%
  • Email Marketing 15% 15%
  • Conversion Optimization 10% 10%

Partnering with WESFED ensures your company has the knowledge and tools to produce real results.

We use only the best tools and software to manage your marketing campaigns

Our clients get the best of the best when they choose WESFED to create and manage their online marketing campaigns.

Our consultants and marketing strategists are top-notch–some of the best in the industry.

We use industry-leading software to research, develop, monitor, and report online marketing campaigns for our clients.

Honesty through transparency

We watch our budget like a hawk and expect our clients to do the same thing. It’s part of being a smart business. We don’t expect our clients to carelessly throw their marketing dollars to the wind. With every recommendation we make, we back it up with data.

When you become a client of WESFED, you will always know where your money is going and how it is affecting your ROI.

How much does marketing cost?

Our SMB marketing clients typically have a budget of $15k per year. How it’s spent is more important than how much is spent.

Speak to a marketing professional to see how much you should be spending, and how it should be diversified.

Our team is top-notch

Our team is 100% remote and is comprised of some of the smartest minds in the US. From design to development, to writing and marketing strategy, we deliver. We report to a virtual office and communicate in real-time to ensure your project is always moving forward.

By not limiting ourselves to a specific geographical location, we’re able to recruit the most talented individuals to work on your projects.

No scare tactics. No pressure. No obligations.

Contracts are good, don’t get us wrong. Commitment in marketing goes a long way toward success. However, we don’t pressure our clients to stay with us if we are failing to meet their expectations.