We're Wesfed

We're out to change the world by promoting fantastic companies and improving their impact on the communities they serve.

WESFED 2008-Present

WESFED was founded in early 2008 as a web development agency. What began as a hobby has now turned into a team of like-minded professionals serving clients all over the United States.

WESFED has moved geographically throughout the years but has established Clarksville, TN as its official headquarters. Here, WESFED aims to improve the community by promoting great companies and making them the best.

Our Mission

At WESFED, our mission is to change the world by promoting fantastic companies and improving their impact on the communities they serve. We want honest companies to thrive and dishonest companies to disappear. We stand by our clients and refuse to work with any company that we feel will not create a positive impact on the community.

Marketing Philosophy

Communication is the key to success

From emails to phone calls, to client meetings, to team meetings, communication is key. We realize that clear, concise communication is the real secret to being productive, efficient, and excellent.

Data is communication

As marketers, we live by data. Statistics, numbers, and patterns are all very important to producing quality results for our clients. We understand that data is a form of communication that is just as important as any other.

Our Process


It all starts with an introduction. Whether through our website, a referral or by other means, everything starts with an introductory phone call. We want to get a quick glimpse of your company and what you’re looking for so we can determine if it makes sense to move forward. If your company is looking to grow through Inbound Marketing, we’ll schedule a time to discuss things further.



Our initial consultation will dive a bit deeper into the details of your company. We’ll discuss inbound in more detail and really see if it’s something that your company is ready for. We only succeed when our clients succeed and we only seek to work with companies that are a great fit for inbound. If our companies mesh, we’ll move ahead and schedule a time to start paving the road forward.


Roadmapping is when we discuss company growth goals and how we’re going to reach them. This normally consists of an in-person meeting or video call but can be done over the phone as well. Here, we really dig deep into your company, its market, and how we plan to have a successful campaign. Lastly, we provide you with actionable steps to get started.



Our development stage is the all-inclusive step of implementing the inbound strategy that will take us from “Point A” to “Point B.” A big part of how this will play out will depend on your market and your specific audience. This stage normally consists of web development, buyer personas, and the initial SEO.


Once the initial development stage is over, we begin the long-term growth plan of the roadmap document. This includes continual improvements through Growth-Driven Design, executing our Inbound Marketing Strategy, and continual reporting and ROI assessments.

SMB Companies Thrive with Wesfed

WESFED has made a huge impact on our website and user engagements. We never expected for such a big improvement within the first year of working together!

Founder, USArmyBasic

Super Great Work! [WESFED] is easy to work with and gets the job done right. Will work with again.

Robert Wolfe

Owner, Wolfe Network

What truly set WESFED apart from the rest was their attention to detail in their work […] We really felt involved with the entire process and knew of every detail along the way.

Ernie Lyons II

Founder, Red Software

How we will increase your revenues

Our services cover the three phases of successfully generating new revenues: Attraction, Engagement, and Conversion.